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Cookie Policy

The website uses cookies, which ensure the proper functioning of the website, as well as cookies used to provide the most relevant information to users, to tailor services to their needs, following the information provided in this policy.

What is a "cookie"?

A cookie is a small file, typically consisting of letters and numbers, which is downloaded to a computer's memory (or other device used for online browsing - mobile phone, tablet, etc.) when the user accesses a certain website.

Cookies are created when the browser used by a user displays a certain website. The website sends information to the browser, which creates a text file. Each time the user revisits that website, the browser accesses and sends this file to the website's server. The lifespan of a cookie is technically determined on a case-by-case basis.

What are the different types of cookies?

Cookies can be considered personal data when combined with unique identifiers and other information received from servers, they can be used to create profiles of individuals and identify them.

A cookie can be classified by lifespan, origin, and functionality:

A. Classification based on lifespan:

  • Session cookies - temporarily stored during a browser session, which begins when a user opens a browser window and ends when it is closed, and are deleted once the browser is closed;

  • Persistent cookies - stored on a device (computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.), have a predetermined lifespan for each, persist even after the browser/page is closed, and are activated each time the user visits the website that placed the cookie (e.g., cookies placed by social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.).

B. Classification based on origin:

  • First-party cookies - placed by the website being visited at that time;

  • Third-party cookies - stored by a domain belonging to a third party, different from the domain of the visited page, i.e., by a website other than the one being visited by the user at that time (e.g., cookies placed by Google, Twitter, and/or Facebook).

C. Classification based on functionality:

  • Functional cookies - cookie modules that ensure the proper functioning of the website (e.g., for login or registration, language preferences, viewing selected products in the shopping cart, etc.);

  • Non-functional (analytics) cookies - placed for statistical, social, targeting, and commercial purposes (e.g., counting the number of visitors to the site, recording how visitors use the website, profiling and personalized targeting based on preferences, etc.).

How are cookies used by this website?

This website may place cookies as follows:

Strictly necessary cookies

  • These cookies are essential for the proper operation of the website's functionalities, proper use thereof, and the provision of certain features and functionalities, especially:

    • to facilitate your login to the website

    • to recognize you when you revisit the website

Without these cookies, the full services available on the website cannot be provided, and their refusal could significantly affect the user experience while browsing the website.

Personalization cookie modules

We use personalization solutions to improve the quality of information and services we offer on the website to best meet your expectations. Software solutions that allow this customization systematically place cookie modules that are essential for proper operation.

Analytics cookie modules

We use web analytics tools provided by Google Analytics, Facebook;

Advertising cookie modules

We work with third-party companies that display advertisements on the Internet on our behalf. Advertising cookies allow these companies to collect information about your visits to the website to optimize our advertising campaigns and measure their impact.

Social media cookies

We provide features for sharing website content on your preferred social network. Software solutions used for sharing on social networks systematically place cookie modules that are essential for their proper operation

Third-party cookies

Third parties may set their own cookies by accessing the website to customize certain applications or track their activity. For example, when you share an article using the social media button on this website, that social network will record your activity.

How can I control the placement of cookies?

Cookies are important elements that offer a user-friendly browsing experience tailored to the user's preferences. Disabling cookies may cause some websites to not function properly, or you may no longer receive personalized offers based on your demonstrated interests and searches. Disabling cookies does not mean that you will no longer receive online advertising, only that it will no longer take into account your preferences and interests as inferred from browsing behavior.

Browsers allow certain privacy settings for browsing, providing certain levels of cookie acceptance, session validity, and automatic deletion after visiting certain websites.

Regarding the cookies used on the page, they will not be used for any purpose other than stated, have the following characteristics, and can be controlled as follows:

Useful information

All modern browsers offer the ability to change cookie settings. These settings are usually found in the "options" section or the browser's "preferences" menu.

If you would like to learn more about cookies and what they are used for, we recommend the following links: